Brandoni by Pettinaroli

Brandoni by Pettinaroli covers a wide range of industrial valves

The beginning of Brandoni

In 1961, brothers Gian Renzo and Pier Franco Brandoni founded “Fratelli Brandoni”. The purpose was to produce valves for the industrial sector.

Brandoni is placed in the Romagnano Sesia province of Northern Italy (below Novarra). The region has a long tradition of producing metal valves. Many world leading manufacturers, including Fratelli Pettinaroli, have their headquarters here. With time, Brandoni has expanded their production with factories in both Spain (2004) and China (2006) where producing valves in steel is common.

Today, so many years later, Brandoni is a modern manufacturer with state-of-the-art production facilities and with a green profile with a focus on becoming self-sufficient with energy as well as reducing the use of plastics in both production and wrapping of the products.

Valves for the industry

Brandoni concentrates on 7 types of products:

  1. Shut-off valves
  2. Control valves
  3. Filters
  4. Pipe joints
  5. Check valves
  6. Pressure reducer valves
  7. Solenoid valves

With this range of products, Brandoni is focused on primarily the industrial sector.

Brandoni by Pettinaroli

The families of Brandoni and Pettinaroli have known each other for many years. Partly, because we operate in the same industry and partly because we are virtually neighbours. We have worked together on the same markets for a longer period of time due to the fact that our product ranges only have a few similarities. Therefore, we are a perfect match.

The collaboration in Northern Europe with Pettinaroli A/S in Denmark has been several years underway. During this time, we have been looking at market possibilities as well as the organisational synergies.

As a result, it felt natural to formalise the collaboration and take advantage of the mutual strengths between us.

Brandoni and Pettinaroli are still two separate brands. However, we now use the strong product range we both have.

Together we can now offer one of the strongest product ranges on the market in terms of valves for the traditional plumbing industry as well as commercial building and the industrial sector. We primarily focus on brass, cast iron and steel.