Cookies in English

1. Owner information

This website is provided by:

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Tlf: 6341 0900

2. Cookies

When you press the ”OK” button, or if you go to another page on the website without considering the  cookie notification at the bottom of the frontpage, cookies will be placed on your device to be used for statistics and the notification on the frontpage will disappear. Next time you visit the website with the same browser, you will not be asked to accept cookies, and cookies will be placed on your device continuously.

The cookie information is anonymous and cannot be linked to a specific individual.

A cookie is a small text file making it possible to store information and access already stored information on the device of the user with the purpose of collecting data on the user.

2.1 Cookies storage time

Cookies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of months (may vary) but are renewed after each visit to the website.

2.2 How to delete cookies

Where and how to delete cookies depend on which browser is used. If multiple browsers are used, cookies need to be deleted on each browser.

2.3 How to avoid cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can block them. How to block cookies depend on the browser used. If multiple browsers are used, cookies need to be blocked on each browser.

2.4 How cookies are used on our website

On cookies are used for statistics, meaning that a statistics system collects anonymous information on the amount of visitors to the website, which website the visitor comes from, where they come from (for example online campaigns, ads, links etc.), what pages and how many are opened on the website, as well as from which pages and subpages the visitors leave.

Cookies are only used with the purpose of optimizing the website and its functions in order to make the purchasing process as smooth and user friendly as possible, as well as making it possible to measure efficiency of marketing initiatives.

2.5 Google Analytics (measurement of traffic)

Websites use cookies from Google Analytics for measurement of traffic on the website.

You may block cookies from Google Analytics here: