About Pettinaroli

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About Pettinaroli

Pettinaroli A/S is a supplier of quality components and complete solutions including ball valves, valves and underfloor heating systems to the Danish plumbing industry. Furthermore, Pettinaroli A/S coorporates with several European companies. Pettinaroli A/S was founded in 1976 under the name of Jørgen Pedersen VVS.
In 2000, the name changed to Pettinaroli A/S and the company became a part of the Italian group Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA.
The production and product development of hot stamped brass components take place in Italy.

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Pettinaroli A/S is located in Middelfart and from this warehouse Pettinaroli distributes the vast assortment of products to all Danish wholesalers in the industry as well as to 22 countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

QUALITY, SERVICE and FLEXIBILITY are important keywords in our daily work, and our skilled employees are always ready with support and guidance.