31. July 2017

New insulation box for manifold

Pettinaroli now launches a new smart insulation box for manifold

Pettinaroli already has insulation sets for manifold circuits, but we now launches an insulation box type IS7037, in which the entire manifold system incl. pump is insulated. The box is suitable for Pettinaroli 1″ underfloor heating manifold as well as the 3/4″ KVIKSHUNT manifold.

By insulating the entire manifold system an unnecessary amount of heat lost is avoided and money is saved.

The box comes with the dimensions 155x545x530 mm (dxwxh) for 2-5 circuits. If more than 5 circuits needs to be insulated the remaining may be insulated with above mentioned insulation type IS7035.

The insulation box complies with insulation standard DS 452.