19. November 2021

Experience the magic with EvoMagic

Pettinaroli has now launched a compact magnetic dirt separator filter series called EvoMagic. Besides an easy installment even in limited spaces, you are also guaranteed an optimal water filtration and an easy and quick maintenance.

EvoMagic is made in technopolymer, which is a light material guaranteeing a long product life over time thanks to high mechanical performances, thermal resistance and corrosion resistant properties.

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Working principle 

The EvoMagic dirt separator filter is installed below the boiler. When the dirt water flows through the shut-off valve into the filter body, magnetic metallic debris are attracted by the magnets. Other impurities in the dirt water are blocked by the 700 μ mesh filter (0,7 mm).

EvoMagic offers several mounting solutions to fit any space available under the boiler; both vertically and horizontally. Water flow can be diverted in a 90-degree angle direction or in a linear direction.


When removing the magnet, dirt collected settles in the quiet chamber. The dirt can be removed by opening the drain-off valve.

A more thorough maintenance is also possible. Simply open the EvoMagic body using the provided key. Extract the inox filter and replace it or rinse and restore it.

  • Compact sizes
  • Collects all the dirt and ferrous impurities
  • Keeps the heating system efficient
  • Extends the life of the boiler
  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance

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EvoMagic is available in following versions:

  • EvoMagic K102V/1 – 102: suitable for both vertical squarely flow direction and vertical linear flow direction installation.
  • EvoMagic K102H/1 – 102H: suitable for horizontal mounting.
  • EvoMagic K103/2 – 103: has a 360˚ rotating fitting which allows any configuration (vertical, horizontal, oblique).

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