27. February 2017

Valves & OEM components for the industry

Pettinaroli is a supplier of components, system and comfort solutions to the plumbing industry. But other than that we also supply a vast array of valves and OEM components to the industry in both Denmark and abroad. Our OEM assortment consists of 4 product groups in total.

EVOSIX – six-way valve

Pettinaroli’s six-way valve shifts automatically between heating and cooling made – also called “change-over”. The valve is especially ideal for chilling beams, cooling ceiling systems, radiant panels and fan coils with a single pipe through the battery. The six-way valve makes it possible to use the same pipe in the battery for both heating and cooling thereby obtaining maximum effect on the battery, fewer valves and actuators, easy and flexible connection with flex pipes and easy installation with the brackets included. The valve comes with a DIN-connection of actuators, and Pettinaroli’s own actuator may be set to on/off mode, 3 point or 0-10V depending on the application.   

EVOFLOW – pressure independent valve

EVOFLOW is Pettinaroli’s own pressure independent valve. The valve is delivered in dimensions from 1/2″ and 10″ and a flow rage of 15-500.000 l/h. The valve may be used without an actuator thereby functioning as a flow limiter. The setting of flow is easily done with a percentage scale of maximum flow. The flow characteristic is exponential giving a precise flow with the use of a 0-10V control unit from BMS-systems.

Filterball – ball valve with integrated strainer

Pettinaroli’s Filterball may be used in installations where avoidance of bacterias is especially preferable – for example in heat pumps, boilers, water and heat meters etc. The Filterball may be cleaned whenever needed – even under pressure without air entering the system. The strainer comes in 6 sizes and is made in stainless steel. The Filterball replaces the traditional installation which usually requires 2 ball valves and one Y pattern filter in the middle thereby simplifying the montage.

PCS – pre assembled kits. 

Pettinaroli’s PCS systems are compact, pre assembled kits with a wide range of possibilities. The kits are often used in connection with chilling beams and fan coils. They are delivered customised to the individual project and purpose. Everything made be built into the system, for example pressure independent valves, drain valves, vents, and filterballs. Furthermore, you may flush the pipe system and batteri without involving the pressure independent valve. The set guarantees a safe installation and has been pressure tested beforehand.

More information regarding our OEM assortment can be found under “EVOFLOW” in our products menu.