One FilterBall® = Two ball valves + One strainer!

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3-in-1 valve rejuvenates the manufacturing of your heat pump, biogas plant or water/heat installation

The smart FilterBall® valve is a 3-in-1 product that integrates two ball valves and one strainer in one valve. This simplifies the traditional installation, which normally requires two ball valves and one Y strainer.


Five benefits of using Filterball® in your heat pump, biogas plant or water/heat installation:

Filterball – 3-in-1 valve
Filter Ball construction
1. Save production costs

The purchase price of one Filterball ® is approx. 20% lower than the price of two valves + one Y strainer. Furthermore, the installation time is one third as you only have to make two joints instead of six joints. Get a specific calculation of your savings

2. Double the flow – compared with a standard Y strainer (assuming same load losses)

Example: FilterBall®1”: KV (1 bar) = 14.5 m³/h. Y STRAINER 1”: KV (1 bar) = 7.0 m³/h. See measure drop diagrams

Get a calculation of how much your flow increases with FilterBall®

3. Save energy

It requires much less energy (pump pressure) to push liquid through the Filterball® than through a Y strainer.

4. Reduce risk of leakage

Simply due to two joints rather than six joints.

5. Easy to inspect, clean or change the filter

It can be done without taking the pressure off the installation. You can get the filter in three different mesh sizes. See how easy the filter is cleaned

Get a calculation of your flow increase

Pettinaroli A/S offers you specific calculations of how much your flow increases with Filterball®. Just fill in the form and send it.


  • Ball valve with integral strainer.
  • Made of corrosion resistant brass alloy CW602N (also CW511L 0,1), threaded ends.
  • Stem with triple safety (2-O-Rings, PTFE ring), fitted from inside to prevent tampering extraction or bursting.
  • Double tightening in the joint between body and end-connection.
  • Stuffing box movable.
  • Solid spheres are made using diamond tools and chromium plated to the required thickness.
  • Reversible handle. ( Art. 051F )
  • Automatic cleaning device, with back flush feature. ( Art. 52F – 56F/2 )


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Filterball® – available products


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